Products by Category

Aids for Daily Living

Products to aid in activities of daily living.
Major Categories: Bathing, Carrying, Child Care, Clothing, Dispenser Aids, Dressing, Drinking, Feeding, Grooming/Hygiene, Handle Padding, Health Care, Holding, Reaching, Time, Smoking, Toileting, Transfer.

Blind and Low Vision

Products for people with visual disabilities.
Major Categories: Computers, Educational Aids, Health Care, Information Storage, Kitchen Aids, Labeling, Magnification, Office Equipment, Orientation and Mobility, Reading, Recreation, Sensors, Telephones, Time, Tools, Travel, Typing, Writing (Braille).


Products to help people with disabilities related to speech, writing and other methods of communication.
Major Categories: Alternative and Augmentative Communication, Headwands, Mouthsticks, Signal Systems, Telephones, Typing, Writing.


Products to allow people with disabilities to use desktop and laptop computers and other kinds of information technology.
Major Categories: Software, Hardware, Computer Accessories.


Products that provide people with disabilities with the ability to start, stop or adjust electric or electronic devices.
Major Categories: Environmental Controls, Control Switches.

Deaf And Hard of Hearing

Products for people with hearing disabilities.
Major Categories: Amplification, Driving, Hearing Aids, Recreational Electronics, Sign Language, Signal Switches, Speech Training, Telephones, Time.

Deaf Blind

Products for people who are both deaf and blind.


Products to provide people with disabilities with access to educational materials and instruction in school and in other learning environments.
Major Categories: Classroom, Instructional Materials.

Environmental Adaptations

Products that make the built environment more accessible.
Major Categories: Indoor Environment, Furniture, Outdoor Environment, Vertical Accessibility, Houses, Polling Place Accessibility, Lighting, Signs.


Products to that assist in cooking, cleaning, and other household activities as well as adapted appliances.
Major Categories: Food Preparation, Housekeeping General, Cleaning, Ironing, Laundry, Shopping.


Braces and other products to support or supplement joints or limbs.
Major categories: Head and Neck, Lower Extremity, Torso, Upper Extremity.


Products for amputees.
Major categories: Lower Extremity, Upper Extremity.


Products to assist people with disabilities with their leisure and athletic activities.
Major Categories: Crafts, Electronics, Gardening, Music, Photography, Sewing, Sports, Toys.

Safety and Security

Products to protect health and home.
Major Categories: Alarm and Security Systems, Child Proof Devices, Electric Cords, Lights, Locks.



Products that assist people to sit comfortably and safely.
Major Categories: Seating Systems, Cushions, Therapeutic Seats.

Therapeutic Aids

Products that assist in treatment for health problems and therapy and training for certain disabilities.
Major Categories: Ambulation Training, Biofeedback, Evaluation, Exercise, Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Perceptual Motor, Positioning, Pressure/Massage Modality Equipment, Respiratory Aids, Rolls, Sensory Integration, Stimulators, Therapy Furnishings, Thermal/Water Modality Equipment, Traction.


Products to enable people with disabilities to drive or ride in cars, vans, trucks and buses.
Major Categories: Mass Transit Vehicles and Facilities, Vehicles, Vehicle Accessories.


Products to aid people with disabilities who are able to walk or stand with assistance.
Major Categories: Canes, Crutches, Standing, Walkers.

Wheeled Mobility

Products and accessories that enable people with mobility disabilities to move freely indoors and outdoors.
Major Categories: Wheelchairs (Manual, Sport, and Powered), Wheelchair Alternatives (Scooters), Wheelchair Accessories, Carts, Transporters, Stretchers.


Products to aid people with disabilities at work.
Major Categories: Agricultural Equipment, Office Equipment, Tools, Vocational Assessment, Vocational Training, Work Stations.


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