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Do you love the convenience of the iPad, but hate having to hold it in one hand while typing with the other? When on the go, do you struggle finding a place to put your tablet so it is safe and secure? Did you let your child borrow your iPad only to return it with a broken screen from when they dropped it? Well, we have come up with the protection, portability and usage solution for you!   Zoodi is the first hands-free protective case for iPad Air and Air 2 that allows consumers to use their tablet with both hands, rather than holding it with one hand and typing on it with the other.  Current iPad cases on the market make you less productive and are uncomfortable to use over long periods of time.  The zoodi eliminates that frustration and allows you to work twice as fast by clipping it on opposite corners, slipping one arm through the bottom corner strap, and resting the zoodi on your abdomen for hands-free usage!  When on the go, the zoodi is designed to simply sling on your side for easy transportation.  In addition to the hands-free option, zoodi can be propped up on the countertop for easy viewing.  Whether using your tablet for business or pleasure, the zoodi makes using a tablet easy, convenient, and secure. Zoodi is the perfect option for protecting and securing your tablet while on the go. working in the office or enjoying time at home.

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