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Valiryo® Body Dryer is the flagship project in LIFEAK, a technology company based in Pamplona and supported by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (by ENISA) and the European Development Fund through ICEX.

The product has been developed with the participation of academic institutions and research centers of Navarra and the Basque Country, working with leading suppliers of our country. All production is done in northern Spain, collaborating with Lantegui Batuak, one of the largest special employment centers in the country, generating employment opportunities for over 2,300 people with intellectual, physical or sensory impairment within its 20 work centers.

Valiryo® is the first universal body dryer developed in the world and the first to enter the markets of wellness, sport and hospitality with its unique customer experience proposition. This innovative solution improves users' body drying experience while reducing the environmental impact caused by the towels in terms of energy and water consumption.

Valiryo® Body Dryer is present in both private homes and in hotels, gyms and spas and wellness centers in Spain, UAE, Russia and France, among others.

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