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Unique Wellness

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The Wellness® Brief and Underwear are the driest on the market today. Using InconTek® technology – based on similar designs used by NASA  – Wellness® products absorb wetness and liquid away from the wearer's skin, negating the odor commonly associated with the wearing of adult briefs, as well as a whole host of problems associated with adult briefs and incontinence (skin irritation, urinary tract infections, etc). While the average adult brief available to consumers can only hold up to 24oz of liquid, our products can hold up to 87oz of liquid. This means that one Wellness® Brief or Underwear is equal to almost four of our competitor's briefs, in regards to absorbency. Because Wellness® products are so absorbent; it has drastically cut the number of briefs used per day. The Wellness® Brief or Underwear only need to be changed, on average, two to three times a day, compared with the average brief requiring 7-10 changes a day.   The Wellness® Brief or Underwear wearer can be confident and comfortable knowing they are free to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle, without the need to worry about leaking and/or frequently changing their briefs.

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Unique Wellness
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