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Touch the Future, Inc.

Touch the FutureInc. is a 501(c) 3, nonprofit organization providing individuals who are disabled, seniors, disabled Veterans, or from disadvantaged communities with computer, durable medical equipment, and assistive technology services and devices.  Touch the Future supports other nonprofit organizations and educational programs and provides communities, entrepreneurs, and businesses opportunities for accessible and inclusive communication, conferences, events and services.  In addition, we offer comprehensive assessment, consulting and training services including but not limited to ADA and accessibility consulting, Life Planning, and continuing education opportunities.  Touch the Future is a Paralympic Sports Club and home to many specialized programs and services.  We are ALINK to independent living and Touch the Future of lives each day.


Their Vision is a technologically connected world that is healthy, accessible, and inclusive providing equal opportunities and maximum independence for all.

Their Mission is to create accessible, inclusive and environmentally sustainable communities that increase opportunities for independence, health and improved quality of life for individuals who are disabled, seniors, disabled Veterans, or from disadvantaged communities.  We are committed to the use of technology and our programs and services to assist individuals to successfully meet life goal.  We strive to ensure that technology is accessible and affordable to all.

Phone: (864) 367-0831
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