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Sennotech, located in Shenzhen, China, is an innovation-oriented high-tech company. The founders obtained their Ph.D. or M.S. degrees in the top-ranked universities worldwide and VC is OFC China. Based on its leading techniques in the areas of unobtrusive and wearable sensing, advanced medical signal processing and large-scale data mining, Sennotech develops wireless health and medical products, provides intelligent healthcare solutions, and dedicates on creating a superior and successful brand of health technology.

Sennotech team published a large number of scientific articles in many international journals and conference proceedings, and currently holds ten national patent applications. Based on leading technology, Sennotech published “Senno” products and solutions focusing on improving people's lives, well-being, and health conditions, such as: InsoleX (wearable smart insoles for gait analysis and rehabilitation), HF-tracer (remote heart failure detection system),fall detection algorithm, sleep quality analysis solution. Under B2B strategy, Sennotech is willing to help clients in different industries, in order to improve partners’ competitive power and synergy.

Phone: +86-0755-86549186
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