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RUCAP is a Russian company that specializes in the development of tracking systems, position sensors, special visualization systems for 3D content. The RUCAP company has worked on the market since 2005 and provides full-cycle development of electronic devices including microprocessor programming, product design, software and interface creation. All of their products are protected by international patents.

They are famous for their RUCAP UM-5 tracker is a wireless joystick for view control in computer games and hands-free mouse manipulation. RUCAP UM-5 works real-time and with high precision detects Your head position and angle of view relative to the monitor. They also developed the Echo Sonar and Echo City system. ECHO Sonar helps blind people to navigate through their surrounding area, fit with the modern city rhythm and increase the quality of one's life. ECHO Sonar is part of the ECHO City system,

RUCAP Company is formed of a small but well-organized and balanced team of highly skilled developers. Their team is capable to deliver any project from idea on a paper to the serial production. All RUCAP technologies and solutions have been designed and developed by the team in their laboratories, following the principle of full cycle development.

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