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RJ Cooper & Associates

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I am RJ, an inventor, technologist and a student of human behavior. I have devoted my entire life to find customized solutions to solve the mobility, communication, and quality of life challenges, faced by all ages, with any special need.  My interest in the field of 'Assistive Technology' began over 30 years ago, when I was studying to become an electrical engineer at the University of Utah. When I began my career, not many people realized the potential technology would have on the lives of those with special needs.  My love for people and my interest in special needs drove me to also pursue a Bachelor's in Developmental Psychology from University of California-Irvine and a Master’s in Education, concentration in Autism Spectrum Disorder, from Arizona State University. My 30+ years of experience, enhanced by my blend of engineering studies, psychology and special education degrees, gives me a unique perspective that I can share with each learner I encounter. I can offer options and solutions that others might overlook because I believe that all things are possible and little miracles can occur all the time.

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