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PSG Institutions

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PSG & Sons’ Charities was established in 1926 with the purpose of augmenting the Sarvajana school which was started when a family member was denied admission in British run school. Four brothers PSG Venkataswamy Naidu, PSG Rangaswamy Naidu, PSG Ganga Naidu and PSG Narayanaswamy Naidu voluntarily divided their ancestral properties into five parts, reserving the one fifth amounting to ₹ 2.01 lakhs to create the charity.   The institutions run by the charity include:
  • PSG Sarvajana High School
  • PSG Industrial Institute
  • PSG Polytechnic College
  • PSG Middle School
  • PSG Primary School
  • PSG College of Arts and Science
  • PSG College of Technology
  • PSG Rural Health Center
  • PSG Metallurgy and Foundry Division
  • PSG Institute of Medical Sciences & Research
  • PSG Industrial Training Center
  • PSG Hospitals
  • PSG Centre for Sponsored Research and Consultancy
  • PSG Centre for Non-formal & Continuing Education
  • PSG Textile Research and Training Center
  • PSG Urban Health Center
  • PSG Institute of Management
  • PSG College of Nursing
  • PSG Science and Technology Industrial Park
  • PSG TIFAC Core
  • PSG College of Physiotherapy
  • PSG College of Pharmacy
  • PSG Center for Advertising & Communication
  • PSG Children's School
  • PSG Offshore Health Management Services
  • PSG High School
  • PSG Institute of Advanced Studies
  • PSG Public Schools
  • PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research
They came up with the Tetraplegic Wheelchair, a wheelchair operated by muscle movements.

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