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The Freeloader Child Carrier was conceived of while co-founder Erick Jansen was traveling through the streets of Paris with his then 4 year-old daughter Sam. Sam was mostly capable of hiking through the city each day, but inevitably she would hit a wall and the adventure would end for the day. He wanted to build a carrier that would allow for all of the family to be together and join the adventures all of the time. He resolved to build a lightweight, portable child carrier that was surprisingly compact, but could fold-down for ease of use. Something versatile, compact, that helps extend the adventure without compromising comfort, safety or ease of use. A carrier that would allow the entire family to join the adventure all of the time.

Our story really began when we tried to share our love for the outdoors with our kids and realized how inadequate existing child carriers were for what we needed. We wanted to take our kids outdoors, but we didn’t want to pack our little ones in with our trail-mix. We wanted to share the adventure with them and still take it at their pace.

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