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At iGuardFire, we are the innovators of iGuardStove. It is the best quality Kitchen and Stove Fire Prevention Solutions on the market – our solutions even come recommended by Fire Prevention Officers! Protecting kitchens across North America, the iGuardStove offer safety for regular ranges, electric cooktop models and even natural gas stoves!

The creation of the iGuardStove itself came from two places.  The original much older version called Stove Guard, marketed by a different family business, needed to be brought into todays market of demanding consumers and secondly from a devastating and challenging family crisis.

Our mother had got cancer and while undergoing treatments the medications she was given were affecting her memory and her low energy levels seriously effected her ability to use the stove. As she was aging in place, she was slowly using the stove less and less and as she slowly lost her relationship with her beloved stove the cooking duties fell into Dad’s lap.

On top of Dad not being very experienced in managing cooking he was also distracted by mom’s sometimes sudden and immediate need for his assistance. The situation and pressure dad was under with mom aging in place and the cooking started to concern us.

My other 2 siblings and I, being in different provinces, would have loved to be able to take an active role in watching what was happening with Dads cooking and his interactions with the stove but it was physically impossible.

To us kids having the ability to get emergency messages from the kitchen, being able to prevent dad from using the stove at certain times and knowing that there was a watchful eye looking after the stove were very important to us. We also wanted to know if Dad was even cooking for mom. We were stressed and we wanted it all.

And gradually over time more features grew from necessity.

Moms battle was unsuccessful and she never did get to see the fruit of our labours. But we continued on and finally finished the iGuardStove. We knew that our situation was not unique and that other families with similar and troubling situations could now benefit from what we had created

We are happy knowing that they do not have to worry the way we had.

Go with quality you can trust – go with iGuardStove.

Keeping Families Safe is Our Mission

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