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Ichó is intended to provide an alternative form of communication for people to provide support in cognitive disorders.

s a result of the growing confrontation with our aging society, the topic of dementia is becoming increasingly public, but in the average retirement home or other nursing facilities, children's toys or alienated objects are often seen as a distraction and employment for dementia.  Ichós comprehensive approaches to the Tion of established therapies opens up completely new possibilities for patients, relatives, therapists and institutions to improve their quality of life and communication.  Our first product is an interactive therapy ball for the psychomotor support of people with dementia, who through basic stimulation can promote understanding between patients, relatives and therapists.  The advantages of ichó are the mobile handling of an extremely individualized system, which can be dynamically adapted as a powerful therapy object at any time to the needs of the user, responds to this independently and at a low cost.

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