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How We Got Started

With family, friends, and loved ones who are blind, we’re familiar with a common, yet profound problem when it comes to watches: people who are blind have been forced to choose between unstylish, imprecise tactile watches, or intrusive talking watches that let everyone know when you’re checking the time. Eone was founded to solve this problem. We started with a friendship.

Our founder, Hyungsoo Kim, was a graduate student at MIT when he noticed that his friend and classmate couldn’t tell time — and it wasn’t because he was blind. Too embarrassed to use his talking watch and interrupt the lecture, he’d discreetly whisper to his sighted friend for the time.

Insisting that there had to be a better watch for people with vision impairments, our founder was surprised to find that there weren’t quality alternatives to what his friend was stuck with. Pressed by the conviction that everyone has a right to time, he collaborated with designers and individuals with vision impairments to create a watch that everyone can use — sighted or blind.

We tackled this issue with our signature product, the Bradley timepiece: a sleek, modern watch you can both touch and see to tell time. Our humble crowdfunding campaign surpassed our goal fifteen times over, testifying to the community of support for inclusive products.

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