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DecaTxt is about the size of a deck of cards but it replaces the whole standard desktop keyboard for the mobile environment. Every letter, number, symbol or function is available without scrolling, menus, or repeatedly poking a button. Just press the keys to type, right handed or left. We believe this is a more natural typing system and it’s easy to learn using contextual clues as to where all the keystrokes are located. It works on PCs, gaming systems, Smartphones, tablets and many devices that use Bluetooth Low Energy. It’s designed around the human element of ten fingers but is used with just one hand so you can still hold something else. DecaTxt is a safer way to text because you don't need to look at the keyboard to type so you can watch where you are going and what’s going on around you. We think this is a better solution than hunting and pecking at a cluster of small keys on a touch screen or pressing tiny little buttons. It has bigger buttons that fit nicely against your fingers in either hand. Those with limited vision or mobility issues may also find that it helps them overcome the challenges of using a touchscreen. Type in bed with your eyes closed to record a dream, or kick back on the couch or recliner to relax your back while you continue to work. DecaTxt unleashes you from the desktop to enjoy an alternative typing lifestyle!

7752 Royal Hart Dr,
34653 New Port Richey , FL
United States
Phone: 1-727-372-0155
Florida US
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