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BikeBoards, LLC

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I would like to introduce you to BikeBoards. BikeBoards, LLC is a company created by a group of people who love winter biking, and who are always looking to push the limits for even more winter fun. BikeBoards provide the newest way to ride your bike on the snow to get the most out of your next snow bike or ski bike adventure with your favorite bike. BikeBoards products are the best for all types of board biking; bike touring, backcountry or free-styling. After a great deal of teamwork and endless efforts, our custom BikeBoards ski design is ready for any use.

Please check out this recent article for more of our story and vision:

What’s your next adventure? BikeBoards home team is located in the front range and western slope of Colorado. Our BikeBoards Team Riders are represented in the UK, France, British Columbia, and Sweden. Are you interested in being part of an amateur boardbiking team? Contact us for more information.

Phone: 720-287-2884
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