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Beckman Oral Motor

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Beckman Oral Motor is a manufacturer and distributor of oral motor products, such as the E-Z Spoon. (See product.) The interventions needed for the oral motor products they produced are determined by an assessment, the Beckman Oral Motor Protocol, which uses assisted movement and stretch reflexes to quantify response to pressure and movement, range, strength, variety and control of movement for the lips cheeks, jaw, tongue and soft palate. The assessment is based on clinically defined functional parameters of minimal competence and does not require the cognitive participation of the individual. Because these components of movement are functional, not age specific, the protocol is useful with a wide range of ages (birth to geriatric) and diagnostic categories.

620 N. Wymore Road Suite 230
Maitland, FL 32751
United States
Phone: 407-590-4852
Florida US

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