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Accessibility Is A Right Foundation

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The Accessibility Is a Right Foundation (AIR Foundation) was created to further the cause of universal accessibility to digital information throughout the world. To further this aim, the AIR Foundation makes available for free the Serotek Corporation's System Access, a da Vinci Award-winning tool that delivers e functionality similar to a conventional screen reader. AIR makes System Access available in a unique Web-based application called System Access To Go or SAToGo. Any person connected to the Internet can use it by simply typing www.satogo.com into their Internet browser. The software becomes active immediately and continues to run on the System until the user disconnects from the Internet.

1128 Harmon Place Suite 310
55403 Minneapolis , MN
United States
Phone: 877-369-0101
Fax: 612-659-0760
Minnesota US
AIR Foundation


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