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Accessibility Equipment Manufacturers Association

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AEMA is a non-profit, unincorporated association, formed in 1990 to meet the special needs of those involved with accessibility equipment. The term "Accessibility Equipment" includes the design, installation and maintenance of vertical, inclined and horizontal conveying systems which are used primarily to provide access and/or egress for physically challenged persons in public and residential environments. The products are commonly known as inclined platform (wheelchair) lifts, vertical platform lifts, limited-use/ limited application elevators, residential elevators, stairway chairlifts and similar products. The site provides information on these types of assistive equipment and list the association's members with contact information.

PO Box 380
61548-0380 Metamora , IL
United States
Phone: 800-514-1100
Fax: 309-923-7964
Illinois US
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