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Accessibility And The Tablet Pc Web Site

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The goal of the Accessibility and the Tablet PC web site is to show how the Tablet PC may be able to help in the field of accessibility, in ways that may not be so well suited to other computers. The site relies on visitors to the site sending feedback and suggestions as to how the site can be made more useful. This web site has been created by Guy Barker, a software design engineer with the Microsoft Corporation. Guy spent many years working in the Tablet PC group at Microsoft, and is interested in ideas for simple programs which could help demonstrate the potential for the Tablet PC in the field of accessibility. The site includes a download page for demo programs, including Herbi Writer, Tablet PC Speech Assistant, InkTalk, PictureHelper, ColorView, BicycleBits, CartoonContrast, OinkMail, and Sorter.

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