Maddak Handy Cup, Model H745930007

Maddak Handy Cup

Maddak Handy Cup is designed for use by individuals with limited grasping and fine motor disabilities associated with arthritis, stroke or spinal cord injury.  It is a two-handled transparent cup with extra wide base which provides a secure grip and stabili

Maddak Eating Scooper Plate, Model F745350010

Maddak Eating Scooper Plate

Maddak Eating Scooper Plate features is designed for use by individuals with limited use of her their upper extremities as a result of stroke or traumatic brain injury.

Sticky Bowl, Model NC35203

Sticky Bowl

Sticky Bowl has been designed for chefs and people with fine motors disabilities  home use to secure bowls, plates and platters to a flat surface. This bowl has one side larger than the other to accommodate a larger range of bowl sizes.

Alimed Disposable Nosey Dual Cup, Model 83062

Alimed Disposable Nosey Dual Cup

Alimed Disposable Nosey Dual Cup features a disposable "chin neutral" cup which can be used as a regular cup when the client is ready. It has a perforated cutout that removes with just a twist.

Feeding Cup, Model 1254

Feeding Cup

The Feeding Cup is designed for use by individuals with limited oral motor strength and coordination as a result of stroke, cerebral palsy and low muscle tone.  It has a large mouthpiece for intake to assist with dribbling.

ARK Therapeutic Cip-Kup Assembly (Model Cip-kupSAR)

Ark Therapeutic Cip-Kup Assembly

The ARK Therapeutic Cip-Kup Assembly, model Cip-kupSAR, is a drinking bottle with a straw designed for individuals with oral motor difficulties. It features the Select-flow valve, which ultimately controls the fluid’s direction.

Ark Therapeutic Sip-Tip Drinking Cup

Ark Therapeutic Sip-Tip Drinking Cup

Ark Therapeutic Sip-Tip Drinking Cup is designed for use by individuals with oral motor and swallowing disabilities. It can promote tongue retraction and corrects lip and tongue positioning.

Knife-Fork Combo (Model 1046)

Knife-Fork Combo

The Knife-Fork Combo, model 1046, is a rocker knife and fork set designed for individuals who have the use of only one hand. The blade, which is made of stainless steel, has a brown wooden handle and a protective leather sheath.

Easy Grip Hand in Mug, Model 561833

Easy Grip Hand in Mug

Easy Grip Hand In Mug is designed for use by with individuals with limited grasping or strength in their upper extremities associated with arthritis or nerve injuries. It is made of polycarbonate and designed not warp.


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