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Quha Zono Gyroscopic Air Mouse

Quha Zono Gyroscopic Air Mouse is a gyroscopic air mouse designed for those who are unable to or would prefer not to use a standard mouse.The Quha Zono is attached to the optional headband or worn on the body. Movements with the Quha then control the cursor on the screen, allowing users to select, click and drag items on a desktop, laptop or tablet. Features a dwell click option. All Quha Zono...

Chester Numeric Keypad

Chester Numeric Keypad is a numerical entry keypad for computers that features 1 inch keys with large lettering and high contrast for users with low vision. The Chester Keypad works well with all keyboards as well as a stand alone or a supplement to your current keyboard. With a USB connector there’s no need to worry about installing drivers, making it easy to use and very practical....

CrutchPac Plus, Black

CrutchPac Plus, Black carries two sets of crutches in the main compartment with hook and loop straps to secure crutches during travel. Outside pockets (2 on back, 4 on front) store immobilizers, braces, cervical collars and more. One front pocket is further organized with zippered pockets and elastic loops. Heavy-duty carrying handles and shoulder strap included.

Scallop Seat

Scallop Seat is designed to aid in floor sitting and to add extra support while sitting on a chair. Lightweight, portable, and versatile seat is a perfect aid to enable participation in everyday activities with comfort, support, and ease. Allows users to move while being seated and supported. Provides stability without preventing movement. Can be used with a wide variety of chair styles to add...

OralClean Electric Suction Toothbrush

OralClean Electric Suction Toothbrush provides a simple yet innovative oral care environment for people who have difficulty in brushing their teeth by themselves. Simple yet effective oral care solution for anyone experiencing difficulties in self-spitting or control of body movements while brushing their teeth. Designed for the prevention of tooth damage and efficient cleaning ability with...

U-Bend-It Spoon and Fork

U-Bend-It Spoon and Fork are utensils for people with upper extremity weakness or reduced range of motion. Stainless steel utensils feature a twist in the shaft that allows them to be easily hand-bent to the left or right at any angle comfortable to the user. Angling also helps to reduce wrist strain

Soft Flo Trainer Cup

Soft Flo Trainer Cup helps promote smooth transition from bottle to cup. Easy to hold handles, a small and compact size, and wider base to help prevent tipping. Can be completely disassembled to ensure proper cleaning. 

Crawling Tunnels

Crawling Tunnels can be used for children to practice crawling as a therapuetic activitity. Help stimulate physical development, strengthen core muscles, and gross motor skills. Versatile tunnel stretches and rolls on the ground as child crawls through it. Hoops easily attach to high density nylon covered foam padding with hook and loop fasteners. Easily disassembles into three pieces for easy...

Body Challenge Exercise Cards, Set of 25

Body Challenge Exercise Cards offer effective activities that help students learn while they exercise. Students can learn while they exercise with several suggested academic challenges. For example, spell words from the vocabulary list while performing Angels in the Snow or count by 2's while doing an "angel." Mix and Match by trying these "academic challenges" with another exercise to create...


Hand GRIP is a unique non-slip pad helps with activities of daily living to enhance independence. Aids with daily activities such as brushing hair and teeth, holding eating utensils, and writing when the hand cannot grasp.  Comfortable, long lasting material is tactile friendly but not sticky or tacky. Latex free and abrasion and flame resistant.

Weplay Infinite Loop

Weplay Infinite Loop is perfect for developing dexterity and reflex development. The goal is to keep the ball rolling by repeatedly opening and closing the tracks. Designed for use with both hands, grip the handles to maneuver the tracks. Ideal for improving fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, sequencing, timing and concentration.

Cooperative Band

Cooperative Band encourages students to explore body movement and balance. Ideal for movement tasks that include elements of space, locomotion, shape, and manipulation. Soft and stretchy band is designed for group movement and cooperation activities

Pencil and Grip Samplers

Pencil and Grip Samplers offer a solution for writers that have trouble grasping a pencil. Sampler I is a great way to try out a large variety of products to determine your needs. Contains 9 basic pencil grips and 7 wooden pencils to provide enough variety to address many specific hand grasp problems. Product substitutions sometimes necessary.Sampler II is a...

Slantscript Slant Boards

Slantscript Slant Boards helps improve fine motor control, handwriting skills, and decrease eye and muscle fatigue. Working at an angle with a book or writing paper promotes the development of proper hand and wrist position for handwriting and fine-motor skills, as well as good visual tracking. It also encourages better posture and positioning for writing or reading.


Weighted Pen or Pencil with Pencil Grip

Weighted Pen or Pencil with Pencil Grip are balanced writing tools to aid individuals to improve control, reduce fatigue, and increase muscle strength. Rests effortlessly in the hand and decreases the need for downward pressure for writing. Increased weight (approximately 4 ounces) encourages using larger muscles in the arm, reducing strain on smaller, more sensitive hand muscles. Built-in...


Essential Scissors Kit includes a range of adapted scissors which are ideal for children who need assistance with scissor skill development, have weak hand grip or weak hand control. Includes guidance cards to help teach better cutting skills. Packaged in a zippered, reusable, clear plastic bag.

  • 1 right-handed Self Opening scissor
  • 1 left-handed Self Opening scissor...
Snap Cubes, Set of 100

Snap Cubes, Set of 100 are Colorful interlinking cubes can be used for learning a variety of concepts. Easy for little hands to connect and twist apart. Plastic cubes link together on all 6 side with circle shape cutouts. Great for color recognition, sorting, developing patterns, counting to 100 by ones and tens, and grouping and one-to-one correspondence. The cubes can be arranged in a single...

Say & Do Grammar Board Games

Say & Do Grammar Board Games are edducational games meant to help students learn and implement grammar skills. 

Target skills:

  • Regular plurals (Groovy Groceries)
  • Irregular plurals (Irregular Island)
  • Noun derivation (Job Fair)
  • Adjective derivation (Sunny Day Fun)
  • Present tense, third person (Fun on the Farm)
  • Noun-verb...
Grammar Gumballs Board Game

Grammar Gumballs Board Game is a game for teaching and reinforcing basic grammar skills in young children. Targets nine of the early morphemes and grammatical structures identified by Roger Brown (1973). Children with language and learning difficulties often leave these structures out of their speech.  Grammar Gumballs includes five levels of difficulty for each illustration. Begin with a...

Easy Sentence Writing

Easy Sentence Writing offers scaffolding ideas and resources to work with reluctant writers. Help students develop important writing skills with this fun and delightfully illustrated book. Inspire students to develop sentence-writing skills with four formats that add variety as they write original sentences, create sentences from pictures, form sentences from a word bank and more

Highlighter Strips Yellow, Set of 4

Highlighter Strips Yellow, Set of 4 are a reading aid for users with visual disabilities. Brightens any written word. Static electricity holds the strips against most types of paper, making them useful for typing, cookbooks, computer printouts, and more. Bright plastic strips can be placed over any written material and used over and over again. 

Alphabet Fun-to-Know Puzzles

Alphabet Fun-to-Know Puzzles is meant for children as an aid to learning the alphabet. Help children build confidence and achieve success with fun 2-piece puzzles that hone their skills at their own pace. Durable interlocking pieces feature self-checking design - only matching pieces fit together, so kids can learn by trial and error. Words and photographs for easy recognition and reinforcing...

Basic Reading Series

The Basic Reading Series addresses essential, basic reading comprehension skills.This reading comprehension program provides teaching strategies and practice activities that help teachers make the most of their students’ reading instruction  The series addresses essential, basic reading comprehension skills. Each book features over 100 activities that utilize multiple instructional modalities...

Sight Words Bingo

Sight Words Bingo offers bingo fun while students practice and learn sight word skills. Two games in one provide an interesting way to introduce or reinforce sight words. Each side of the double-sided answer mat features a different skill. Perfect for use with the entire class or small-group instruction.

Basic Grammar Series

Basic Grammar Series incorporates essential grammar skills in three levels, each including over 200 activities and addressing the major learning modalities. The Basic Grammar Series program offers a variety of activities in order to help students fully master each skill. Worksheets have been designed to address the major learning modalities (visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic). Each of...


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