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Lamp Switch Extension Lever

Carex Enablers Lamp Switch Turner (Model En23Crd)

The Enablers Lamp Switch Turner, model EN23CRD, is a lamp switch extension lever designed for use by individuals with limited manual dexterity or arthritis.

Diy Lamp Switch For Dogs

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: This DIY product is specially designed for people who use trained service dogs to help them in daily life.

Easy Turn Lampswitch Kit (M0Del Nc28750)

The Easy Turn Lampswitch Kit, model NC28750, is a lamp switch extension lever designed to assist people with limited hand strength or grasp in turning lamps on and off.

Illuminated Magnifier Replacement Bulb, White
The Illuminated Magnifier Replacement Bulb, White is a replacement piece for the Illuminated Magnifier, Weighted Table Base Model (see product). The Illuminated Magnifier, Weighted Table Base Model is designed for those individuals with low vision to allow the
Lamp Switch Enlarger

The Lamp Switch Enlarger is a knob turner designed for use by individuals with grasping disabilities, arthritis, or limited hand strength.

Lamp Switch Extension Lever (Model 6386)

The Lamp Switch Extension Lever, model 6386, is a knob turner for use on table lamps by persons with grasping disabilities. The lever has three spokes and can be operated from any direction. It fits most lamp threads. Latex free.


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