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Forearm Cuff Cover

6924 Forearm Crutch Covers

The 6924 Forearm Crutch Covers are foam covers for forearm crutch cuffs. These vinyl coated covers slip on over the cuffs. SIZES: Small, to fit child size cuffs, and Large, to fit adult size cuffs. DIMENSIONS: 0.25 inch thick. COLOR: casa tan or black.


DISCONTINUED. RETAINED IN DATABASE FOR REFERENCE. Cradles forearm with 1/4 inch thick foam. Covers metal cuff. Slips on easily. Small, large. Tan only.

Forearm Crutches (Model 121)

The Forearm Crutches, model 121, are forearm cuff covers or pads designed for use by people with walking, mobility and lower extremity disabilities who use forearm crutches. Each kit includes two covers that fit over the forearm cuff portion of the crutch.


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