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Custom Shoes

Adjustable Walking Shoes for Women

These Adjustable Walking Shoes for Women are designed for those individuals with edema and diabetes to wear on their feet. They have a wide with and are good for swollen feet or ankles. Slip-resistant soles.

Extra Wide Comfort Steps Shoes for Women

The Extra Wide Comfort Steps Shoes for Women is a product designed for women with wide width or swollen feet/ankles to wear. Slip-resistant and prevents potential slips and falls. Accommodates different levels of swelling. Comfortable.


KoolBoots are washable, customizable boots designed for individuals who use wheelchairs.

Memory Foam Flip Flops

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Helps cushion painful feet that need additional support. Ear plugs are adhered to large sandals to make the foam flip flops.

No-Slip Slippers

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: No-Slip Slippers allow both children and adults to wear slippers without sliding or falling. To create the modified slippers, use A hot glue to create a small, striped pattern across the bottom of each shoe.

Shoe Covers (Set of 25)

The Shoe Covers (Set of 25) is a package of reusable shoe covers to be used by children with disabilities during painting activities.

Soft Star Shoes, Boots, & Moccasins

Soft Star Shoes, Boots, and Moccasins are custom child's shoes and boots designed for wear by children with lower extremity disabilities.


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